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Hey there! Thank you for stopping by.

I’ve always been fascinated by how clever logos are designed.

Having been a designer for over 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands creating their logos, websites and marketing collaterals, gathering logos I love and figuring out how these designers come up with the smart ones.

Only this year I chanced upon that I got inspired to collect and share the logos that are not just beautiful or clever but able to show what the brand is about with a simple visual.

Creating a logo that’s clever is important, not just to wow people, but it’s able to put two or more meanings together in one appropriately, to stand out and to convey the right message that brand wishes to convey.

For the past ten years, it was a huge challenge for me to design such logos for my customers, and I still find it a big challenge. Hence, is born to help me and anyone else dive deeper to master the techniques of creating such logos.

Nevertheless, you are at the right place if you are:

Doing research to learn how to design such logos

Looking for inspiration and ideas to design client’s brand identities

Passionate in logo designs

Browsing for fun!

Meanwhile, if you happened to be a brand identity designer who loves creating such logos, feel free to submit your creations here, I’m happy to collaborate!

Even if you are not a designer, yet someone who loves browsing such logos, feel free to add your treasured findings here as well.

It’s been great joy sharing beautiful things to the world!

Marilyn Wo

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