Tools to Build a Successful Design Business

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Here are tools that I use and recommend for you to build a successful design business

They don’t guarantee results you want, but they help bring about convenience and save you time to work on things most important to your business.

Ongoing Graphic Design

Ongoing unlimited graphic design service

Most times your clients wish you could do everything for them. But as an expert in brand strategy or logo designs, you may not want to do the graphic design of a poster or a business card. Outsource that to MeetAnders that provides kickass ongoing graphic design service on a monthly flat rate.

No Time to Create Graphics from Scratch

find templates, fonts, graphics, textures on designcuts

Save up to 80% of your time working on client work by modifying readymade templates, infographic icons, stock photos, fonts, textures, powerpoint slides, illustrations, mockups and more creative toolkits for up to 50% discount!

I bought one All-Purpose Design Bundle for just $29, and those that I purchased are beautiful with kickass quality. Photoshop layers are labelled and organised in proper folders, files are created to provide ease for designers to edit colours, text and graphics.

The designs are timeless and adjustable, so I’ve used some of them countless times for a couple of years since the time I bought them. Happy browsing at DesignCuts!

Super Fast Web Hosting

super fast web hosting

Save money and improve the speed and performance of your website with SiteGround’s super fast web hosting. I do love other hosts like MediaTemple, FlyWheel and WPEngine. However, after having tried all of them. SiteGround is the only one that offers the best web performance at the price that helps with my business’s bottom line.

Best Theme for Kickass Content Curation

curation wordpress theme - chipmunk

No brainer! This site is built on WordPress using the best curation theme I know – Chipmunk. Expect it to be simple, not too much freedom to configure the layouts. That helps to make the theme easy to use without any need for learning curve. At the same time, it looks fabulous! The support team is super helpful you wish they charged to make you feel better 🙂

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