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Aerohouse by Sumesh

Aero House

Aeroplane merging with a house. Aerohouse Logo by Sumesh 

  • 214
DataSight by younique


Piechart with an eye to show data and sight. Logo by… 

  • 220
creative city by insigniada

Creative City

Pencil represented by shapes of skyscrapers and pointed… 

  • 419
Mintfish logo by rahul rao


Mint leaves that make up a fish. Logo by Rahul Rao 

  • 397
Pixel Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius


Pixel Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius 

  • 437
Burger King by Sean Maclean

Burger King

Burger with a crown. Logo by Sean MacLean 

  • 305
Magichouse Logo by Sumesh

Magic House

Magic hat and wand in house. Logo by Sumesh 

  • 363
Video cutter by Sumesh

Video Cutter

Scissors cutting the play icon by Sumesh 

  • 278
morning by insigniada smart logo challenge


Letter “O” replaced with a symbol that looks… 

  • 324
Crypto Peak by Dalius Stuoka

Crypto Peak

Sun meets mountain logomark by Dalius Stuoka 

  • 250
Clip Play Noë Baeten

Clip Play

Play button with clip logo by Noë Baeten 

  • 319
Nordata by younique


Percentage icon as a letter “N” by younique 

  • 374
Signature Inspections by JD Reeves

Signature Inspections

Home and roof in the shape of letters “S” and… 

  • 279
Sound Bar by Yuri Kartashev

Sound Bar

Shape of wine bottle made up of equalizer by Yuri Kartashev 

  • 294
Kyber Network Brand Identity Ramotion

Kyber Network Brand Identity By Ramotion

Kyber Network Brand Identity By Ramotion 

  • 328
Parkview Precast by James Waldner

Parkview Precast Logo by James Waldner

Parkview Precast by James Waldner 

  • 348

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