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Y Lab logo by Sergey Shamaev

YLab Development

Lab flask in a letter “Y”. Y Lab logo by Sergey… 

  • 23
Smile Coffee Logo Design

Smile Coffee

Coffee cup, saucer and steam form a smiley face. Logo by… 

  • 31
Key Palm by Type08 Alen Pavlovic

Key Palm

Palm tree trunk represented by a key hole. Key Palm logo by… 

  • 34
Medical Clothes logo by Yuri Kartashev

Medical Clothes

Needle and thread to illustrate heart rate for the… 

  • 62
Power + Mountains / logo idea by Yuri Kartashev

Power + Mountain

Mountain in a power icon. Logo by Yuri Kartashev 

  • 195
Plane by Letter "A" represented by paper folded plane. Plane logo by Paulius Kairevicius


Letter “A” represented by paper folded plane.… 

  • 322
creative city by insigniada

Creative City

Pencil represented by shapes of skyscrapers and pointed… 

  • 176
Big Game Logo by ks_projekt

Big Game

Gaming console and wire morphed into an elephant. Big Game… 

  • 229
bark and sip logo by Peter White

Bark And Sip

Drink with a dog face. Logo by Peter White 

  • 187
Glasses by Pair of glasses replacing the letter "g". Logo by Paulius Kairevicius


Pair of glasses replacing the letter “g”. Logo… 

  • 198
Brexit logo by Bernardo Silva


Letter “E” represented by an opened door.… 

  • 180
Paper clip with a play button. Resumedia logo by Deividas Bielskis


Paper clip with a play button. Resumedia logo by Deividas… 

  • 273
Key Food by Carioncreative

Key Food

Letter “O” from the word food represented by a… 

  • 228
Moon Barbershop Yuri Kartashev

Moon Barbershop

Comb + Moon: Moon Barbershop logo by Yuri Kartashev 

  • 210
Burger King by Sean Maclean

Burger King

Burger with a crown. Logo by Sean MacLean 

  • 172
Wine Rocket by Leo

Wine Rocket

Rocket in a wine bottle. Logo by Leo 

  • 230
Spool Bag by Yuri Kartashev

Spool Bag

Spool of thread that looks like a bag. Logo by Yuri… 

  • 196
Foodoso Logo by Alex Tsanev


Fork and knife compbined. Foodoso Logo by Alex Tsanev 

  • 246

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