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Icon representing letter "F", looking like part of a forest. Forester Logo by Rokas Sutkaitis


Visual identity for Forester 4X4 tours. Letter F… 

  • 62
creative city by insigniada

Creative City

Pencil represented by shapes of skyscrapers and pointed… 

  • 87
Scream logo by Matej Polas


Someone screaming, see the teeth in the negative space?… 

  • 76
Glasses by Pair of glasses replacing the letter "g". Logo by Paulius Kairevicius


Pair of glasses replacing the letter “g”. Logo… 

  • 96
Paper clip with a play button. Resumedia logo by Deividas Bielskis


Paper clip with a play button. Resumedia logo by Deividas… 

  • 113
dot bikes by hunter web

Dot Bikes

A bicycle made with three dots. Logo by HunterWeb 

  • 113
mrs consulting by Vilayat Muslumzada

MRS Consulting

Speech bubble in “R” by Vilayat Muslumzada 

  • 94
smilesnap - Camera with a smiley face by Bilal Munir


Camera with a smiley face by Bilal Munir 

  • 84
Weecut Scissors and leaves by Insigniada


Scissors and leaves by Insigniada 

  • 104
Filecastle Logo by Sumesh

File Castle

Using negative space to merge paper with a castle icon by… 

  • 105
twitter rework by Enzo Zaccaro

Twitter Alternative

Twitter logo reworked, the two “ts” replaced… 

  • 75
crisp restaurant by aditya

Crisp Restaurant

A figure of spoon created with negative space in the word… 

  • 96
one duck by Dalius Stuoka

One Duck

Number one as the neck and head of a duck and overturned… 

  • 102
Video cutter by Sumesh

Video Cutter

Scissors cutting the play icon by Sumesh 

  • 118
morning by insigniada smart logo challenge


Letter “O” replaced with a symbol that looks… 

  • 132
Blue door standard made by james

Blue Door Standard

Door opening with a blue coloured letter “B” on… 

  • 93
Kingdom Wordmark Logo by Sumesh A K


Wordmark logo for the royales by Sumesh A K 

  • 108
Crypto Peak by Dalius Stuoka

Crypto Peak

Sun meets mountain logomark by Dalius Stuoka 

  • 89

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